Attendee List of the 2nd China International Chlor Alkali Conference

The world economic has continued to undergo profound changes in Yr. 2017, and it was more urgent for every country to improve global economic governance. The crude oil market continued to slump and the petrochemical industry was still faced with newly increased challenges and existing difficulties. Facing the changes in the economic and energy patterns, countries have introduced kinds of measures and stimulate policies. With the further implementation of China Belt and Road Strategy, and the guidance of relevant national industry policies, China chlor alkali industry has entered a development process of adjusting industrial structure and transforming development mode. As the development is becoming more rational, with better product market, China chlor alkali industry is facing more challenges and opportunities in many factors. The 6th China International Chlor-alkali Conference is scheduled to be held in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, on Nov. 8-10, 2017. China International Chlor-alkali Conference has been held by China Chlor-alkail industry association and China Chlor-alkail Online once a year since 2012, with a number of more than 200 people from no less than 20 countries to gather together to discuss and explore global industrial hotspots as well as trading trends. The 6th China International Chlor-alkali Conference will track the global hot topics and market trends as in the past conferences; meanwhile, the conference will create a platform for both domestic and foreign industrial insiders to exchange market information closer and more efficiently. The conference will also hold many exchanges activities, sincerely look forward to your arrival!

  • 1. Sustainable development and responsible care in the U.S.
  • 2. European Chlor-alkali industry progress
  • 3. Chlor Alkali Industry in India
  • 4. Global ChloroVinyl Drivers and Dynamics
  • 5. Analysis of current salt market in China
  • 6. Predictions on future ethylene feedstock supply over the world Industries
  • 7. The Situation and Prospect of Modern Coal Chemical Industry in China
  • 8. High profit model of Chlor alkali Chemical industry-Amoeba operating
  • 9. India PVC Market
  • 10. Ethane Supply & Ethane-to-Ethylene Economics in China
  • 11. The operation of China caustic soda industry and influencing factors
  • 12. An Overview of the Chloralkali Industry in South Africa
  • 13. Global Chlor-alkali Market Outlook Where is the market heading?
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