Attendee List of the 2nd China International Chlor Alkali Conference


      In recent years, the international energy supply structure has continued to change, and the supply/demand pattern of the world chloralkali industry has undergone profound changes. Benefited from the advantage of shale gas, the cost of chlor-alkali products reduced in USA, which had a profound impact on the pattern of chlor-alkali industry in the world. The emerging applications of chlor alkali industry in India gradually expanded; China chlor-alkali industry has entered a stage of high-quality development, and the comprehensive competitiveness has been gradually improved. On the whole, the global chlor-alkali industry is facing many opportunities and challenges.

       CCAON will hold the 8th China International Chlor-Alkali Conference on November 19-21, 2019, in Sanya, Hainan Province. The conference will track the global hot topics and market trends as in the past conferences, meanwhile, the conference will create a platform for both domestic and foreign industrial insiders to exchange market information.










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