Attendee List of the 2nd China International Chlor Alkali Conference


In 2024, with continuous adjustment of the international energy structure, issues such as energy conservation and carbon reduction, compliance with international conventions, and improving operational efficiency remain the focus of industry players as the global chlor-alkali industry still faces many evolving changes. In this context, you will be given a comprehensive and thoughtful insight into a number of hotspot issues and latest trends at the conference such as the status quo and competitiveness of the global chlor-alkali industry in major regions, the opportunities and challenges that the industry will face, the development and demand driving factors of downstream sectors, changes in trans-regional trade flows, and the latest technological innovations related to safety, environmental protection and energy conservation.

The 12th China International Chlor Alkali Conference is scheduled to be held in Hangzhou from November 6-8, 2024.

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